Solar Panels

Owner operator Brian Williams and his apprentice Shane Gray are passionate about alternative power sources, including wind and micro water turbines but solar power is where people can utilise a sustainable source of power and save money at the same time.

Brian offers free quotes after assessing the suitability of a house – as a general rule there needs to be sufficient space on north or west facing roof planes for a minimum of eight solar panels to produce 2kw of power.

Strengthening of the roof structure is not required and neither is building consent.

Installation also includes an import/export meter that allows power generated but not being used to be fed back into the grid – which is how the savings are made.

As a cost saving, this is particularly beneficial during winter when there is still sufficient sunlight to generate power, and power bills are at their highest.

As an alternative, with an additional outlay for batteries, the power generated can be stored.

Installation can usually be carried out within a couple of weeks of a quote being accepted.

Brian can also advise on back-up power supplies to suit most situations that kick in if the mains supply goes down for any reason.

General Electrical Work

Brian and the team can also provide you the services of electrical maintenance, LED lighting, phone and data cabling, and electrical safety compliance testing. Please get in touch with any enquiries.